Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Alt Lipi – an introduction

Dear Readers,

There was a time when history was passed off as story of kings and queens. Unfortunately, not much has changed in the perception of common man since then. This is because the media opted to remain closer to the portals of power oblivious of social reality.  This is not to say that the mainstream media does not cater to the societal aspirations of the common man.

In fact, every media outlet swears by the common man, but in reality social subjects remain on the sidelines of journalism, not the focal point of their narrative. It’s where the need for a media outlet like AltLipi dedicated to the cause of the common man arises.

The purpose of the AltLipi is to bring the social aspect of national life in the public domain. The website is evolved in keeping with the parameters of social journalism closer to the common man.

What you would be asking now is what makes AltLipi different?

The answer is while the media, both print and electronic, mainstream and alternative, dwells at length on political, economic and commercial aspects of society and covers social aspects of life marginally, AltLipi is committed to make the society a focal point of its journalism while we remain wedded to the cause of the common man.

Our aim is to envision the future from the lens of present, not from the ‘irrelevant’ past. This, we believe, is the course through which we can secure our collective future we seek is possible of equality, harmony and balance in a world that’s perfectly imperfect for many of its inhabitants.

In fact, with AltLipi we seek to revolutionise the very concept of journalism. In pursuant to this approach we have decided to scoop, encapsulate and analyse every news developments that has a direct or indirect bearing on the life of the common man, setting aside all the irrelevant developments that commercial media is dishing out to its consumers day in and day out for quite some time now.

AltLipi has, on its panel, a team of seasoned journalists, eminent writers and experts on various socio-political, socio-economic, socio-cultural issues. Besides, there are scribes based in different across the globe to monitor and report events and developments taking place in their respective area of coverage.

In today’s fast paced socio-political scenario, nobody can afford to remain indifferent to developments taking place around him/her. Information Technology has erased imaginary, if not man-made boundaries, to a large extent. But mental blocks can only be demolished through free flow of information, hence the need for AltLipi, a website that not only caters to the demand for a one-stop shop dealing with all the issues and developments with an insight into their short term and long term implications for our life.

Happy reading with us… Do follow our stories and analysis with a positive frame of mind. For us, a story is meaningful only if it concludes on a positive outcome. Our aim is to ensure a positive conclusion with each of our analysis backed by an insight, but no rhetoric.