All was going perfectly well for Mr Gautam Adani till Shani Gochar happened on 17th January 2023 and the wrath of the fearsome god hit the third-richest man in the world. If only he had an idea before, he would have moved 10% of his wealth to Elon Musk’s SpaceX and asked him to nudge the ringed planet Saturn through one of its rockets. But then, Shanidev, like an uninvited guest, loves giving surprises to us mortals. 

For the uninitiated, US-based Hindenburg Research has accused the Adani group of involvement in massive and “brazen stock manipulation” and an “accounting fraud scheme.” As per some reports, these allegations have led to losses of around $70 billion in the group’s stock value.  How could they? Did the Hindenburg Research team not watch Aap Ki Adalat a few days ago? Veteran journalist Rajat Sharma has himself awarded clean chit to the second most important Gujarati in India after conducting an hour-long trial by fire on his show. 

Whatever it may be, these allegations against the Adani group have given a golden chance to the anti-capitalist tribe to act like that ‘Buaji’ who after every adversity mutters ‘Maine toh pehle hi kaha tha, par meri sunta kaun hai’. The Opposition is even targeting Mota Bhai. But rest assured Mr Adani, the Indian media is with you as long as you are with them…Wink Wink!! Still, as former NDTV journalist, Ravish Kumar would put it “Dar ka mahaul hai”. 

As if this wasn’t enough, the Adani group had to further bear the pain of releasing a 413-page response to the allegations i.e Rs 2 per page, costing it Rs 826 for the whole printout. However, when the woes refused to end, the group did something precedent that any sensible person accused of something in India would do – invoke Bharat Mata. In its rebuttal to the accusations, the Adani group has called it ‘calculated attack on India’. Hindenburg: 0, Adani Group: 140 crore Indians. 

Now, as an average Indian middle class, it is our collective responsibility to relieve Mr Adani of any kind of further distress. More so than ever, we need to glue ourselves into watching ludicrous hate-filled TV debates to keep our minds off any Hindenburg update. Meanwhile, the Adani group can invest in Shani temples and convince the lord of evil sight to shift his gaze elsewhere.


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