Baap pe jana nahi’….Discourse amid Congress, BJP goes down to Mariana Trench

A seed of gross indecency was sown long ago in the heart of the dense jungle of politics. But, the fruit of that fully-grown despicable plant is satisfying the palates of politicos today. A recent discourse between two major political parties in India has created a terrible snafu, making both trolls and their masters look like two peas in a pod.

Senior Congress spokesperson Pawan Khera reached an intellectual nadir when he mocked PM Narendra Modi’s father’s name while taking potshots at the latter. Soon an intense barrage of criticism was directed at him and his party. BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra, without leaving any scope for decency, even went on to call Khera a man who once picked former Delhi CM Sheila Dikshit’s footwear – How erudite no?

Taking the whole shebang ahead, the government like Faizal from Gangs of Wasseypur took baap ka, dada ka badla from Pawan Khera. As Khera stepped off the IndiGo flight, he was surrounded and arrested by a huge police force.

But, this wasn’t the first instance of taking paternal jibes at the opponent, a few weeks ago, the PM himself asked the Gandhi family “why are they afraid of keeping Nehru’s surname?”. According to hearsay, both parties have now approached Bigg Boss fame Dolly Bindra to defend the paternal jibes taken against them.

But, the fact that needs to be underlined here is that if the top brass from both parties will engage in such a sordid discourse then a vast population of online trolls will be unemployed. What will they do? Their masters are lowering the standards over the years quite frequently and it is becoming difficult for them to cope with it.

With the 2024 General Elections scheduled next year, we as voters of this nation, which is supposedly rich in values, need more such discourse to make a decision in favour of a party that stoops to a new significant low.

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