Many of us face situations where we might be moving away from hometown into a new city, with new people around us. While some leave their home and hearth in search of brighter career opportunities in cities and metros, there are others who do so for attainment of higher education. Both groups find it difficult to cope with the new situation.

It could be a new beginning. However, anxiety and nervousness would bother you the most on landing in an alien land, be it within the country or abroad. These setbacks take the steam off the initial excitement of being in a new place and being independent and at times leads to stress and tension.

How to deal with this anxiety? What can we do to make this transition easier for our self? These are the questions uppermost on the mind of every person living in an alien land. Here are some tips to beat the stress and keep off anxiety and tension while staying alone and being independent.

As we grow older we embark on one the transition to another. When we had moved from the cozy comfort of our mothers’ apron string to a kindergarten it was the first transition. Our second transition was when we went to junior school and from junior to senior school, it was all a part of transition.

In fact, we graduate from one transition to another in the entire life in the proverbial journey from cradle to grave. And every transition teaches you a lesson in life. There is no alternative but to follow the path of the transition – a path that you need to discover and that holds within it new experiences and new people and things.

Looking forward to our move in the form of a transition and a learning experience would help us in coping better with the changes which we would be experiencing.

Settling in a new place amidst a new set of people should be seen as a sign of growth and progress. Any new situation is an opportunity for growth and progress. This would help us to move along with our lives by imbibing and integrating newer experiences and ways of living in your existing repertoire.

As you venture into a new place, it is very important to meet and mix up with the seniors. When we enter in a new place it gets more obligatory on our part to try and develop a comprehensive understanding about what the existing systems are, what are the expectations that professors may have, what are the additional requirements of the course and what would be the best way of handling these things.

This would help us to ensure that we do not lag behind and that these situations do not become a source of distress as these would already be equipped with the required skills to cope with them.

It is of crucial importance to try and make friends and develop a social support network for our self in the place where we are residing.  This would help to unwind and relax and take a set back from all the stresses that you may experience and the sense of missing the people and places that have been left behind. It is also of utmost importance to take out time for ourselves, which would include going out and explore the surroundings, go for movies, visit new places, eat new food, try out different sports and making new friends

Being connected to those back home is one sure shot way of ensuring that the experience of being homesick reduces to some degree. That feeling of being connected is imperative to experience relaxation and not sad about the move which has been made.

Staying in touch with family and friends would of course give a sense of being with in a way and this would also help abate the anxiety that may be experienced. A regular chit chat and sharing with them the daily experiences and exchanging notes on how things are developing at their end will make the loved ones happy and relieved and make us feel at home.

No matter what the situation could be, our families will always remain an integral part of our life as that would make us feel that they are always there to support us, guide us and stand by us through thick and thin come what may. Even though there is physical distance between you and them but it hardly matters as you are mentally near them. After all, family will always remain a friend, philosopher and guide for all children

It is very evident that when people come from their respective homes and stay alone, conflicts tend to arise. So, rather than engaging into conflicts it is always advisable to stay polite and giving your friends some time and space to understand each other.

In case some conflicts arise, it would be wise to take a step back, and think things through before responding. Rather than being impulsive, be patient, take into consideration all possibilities and then make the most prudent choice.

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