Even after breaking almost all male bastions, today’s woman carries the baggage of her social and traditional role as a mother, sister and daughter while men remained free from any such liabilities Today’s women are working alongside men in every sphere of life breaking many a glass ceiling. She succeeded in balancing her professional and domestic life with aplomb. However, the society does not seem to be prepared to treat her as equal to men leave alone giving her the pride of place she deserves. The patriarchal values are so entrenched in our mindset that we still look at women as inferior to men irrespective of their achievements despite the social disadvantages they face.

This patriarchal mindset reflects in our day-today life. We tend to treat women’s opinion as secondary to that of men in every decision that we take. Be it household, financial or legal, men always have a greater say over all the matters. It is assumed that women are dependent on men even if they are financially independent.

After breaking almost all male bastions, today’s woman carries the baggage of her social and traditional role as a mother, sister and daughter while men remained free from any such liabilities. Any lapse or indiscretion on her part in fulfilling her social responsibilities is bound to be frowned upon.

Yet women are not found wanting in donning multiple roles in their lives and do their best to balance their societal and domestic responsibilities. Whether working woman or housewife, no woman is free from societal scrutiny. They can’t afford to relax or lower their guard any moment of their waking hours lest they will incur the wrath of the society.

This eternal vigil is the burden the society imposes on woman under the false notion that its entire foundation rests on their conduct. Even as women have a stake in every field of human endeavour, we tend to take their contributions for granted. Yet, we consider it their bounden duty to support and guide us all the time.

The changing norms of the modern life are no solace to the modern women. Today, while they have equal stake, if not less, with men in the society, their contribution is invariably taken for granted. They are either supposed to play second fiddle to men or forego the credit for their achievements. To a large extent we have started to believe that men and women are equal. But when it comes to acknowledging their role, we tend to consider it more as an obligation towards the society than their contribution.

The age-old adage, ‘It’s a man’s world’, has become obsolete today. Today’s woman has realised her inherent potential to stand up for and against the society in her own way. This realisation is helping her become self-reliant in numerous ways. No wonder women power, which reflects in all government and corporate decisions, policies and programmes, is being acknowledged everywhere.

In leadership role, women think and act differently. Unlike men they take decisions with due diligence and have no ego hassles unlike men. This quality of woman has resulted in maintaining a fine balance in corporate world and enhancing productivity and profitability. Many call it ‘Woman Effect’.

While women’s emancipation leads to a win-win situation for all, it might prove a bit hard for men to digest that women are taking a lead over them. This is bound to create undue schism in our traditional society.

It is high time men got used to the idea of the confident New Woman and the society redefined their role look to them as an asset rather than a liability.

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