Want to savour sweets to your heart’s content free from the guilt conscious borne out from the attendant health risks involved in the indulgence? Here is what you are looking for – all sweets sans sugar.

Home for Food Tradition, a Delhi based food brand, unwrapped its gift for the connoisseurs of quality sweets from Delhi – Anything But Sugar. True to its nomenclature, Anything But Sugar stands for all sweets, but no sugar. With the launch of the ABS at an experience store in Defence Colony, Home for Food Tradition has opened up a whole lot of newer vistas of indulgence in sweets sans sugar.

The novelty of its idea of non-sugary niche sweets and the preparation process as its USP, ABS boasts of healthy and tasty offering with awareness for natural sweeteners. ABS ensured that only best of ingredients and natural sweeteners are used in the products. Also, each ingredient used is finalised after thorough research for the perfect burst of taste and energy. From choosing the right seasonal ingredients in the right measure is represented by one of its kind experience centre where every product is coded and is value for money.

So, ready yourself to celebrate this festive season freedom from all the restraints you have been observing on intake of sweets. Enjoy the Diwali extravaganza with sweet days and sweeter nights.

For the purpose, the Home for Food Tradition has embarked upon the concept of experience store. Visitors at the store will have a first-hand experience of savoring sweetest delicacies while remaining guilt free. It gives you an opportunity to see, taste and experience the sweets-sans-sugar concept and apprise yourselves about how the ABS works for you in your transition as a sugar guzzling glutton to sweet savoring gourmet.

The health-conscious urban middle class which is already aware about the ill effects of the white sugar and looking for the alternatives are ABS’ target clientele who have an irrepressible craving for sweets and suffer guilt pangs after gorging on them at any pretext, even something as mundane as wrapping up a meal with something sweet before or after it. Those who are looking for that extra goodness with their sweet and kill the guilt, they need not look further.

Anything But Sugar is a pleasant surprise for some and a welcome relief for many who have can’t have sweets without guilt conscious.

With the ABS, you have, not one, but an infinite source of sweeteners.  True to its nomenclature the ABS is dedicated to promote alternatives to sugar. The singular most achievement of Home for Food Tradition, the brand name of ABS is that at a time when we all fed up of this sugar-or-nothing scenario, this one brand stood ground in its mission to open up myriad vistas of sweetening our sweets and make them accessible to an average consumer.

We have come a long way since sugar came to be part of our daily diet. Over the years, it has not only dissolved into our cuppa but also into our psyche. So much so that we stopped thinking about anything but sugar despite the fact it has been scientifically proven health hazards. The reason is no serious effort had been made to find a lasting solution to sweetening solution. Now the time has come to say good-bye to sugar with a healthier option in the form of ABS.

The substitutes to sugar that ABS has brought to us have always been there. How else could our forefathers prepare their sweet dishes and beverages before the white substance was introduced to us? The only difference is that nobody had in the recent times seen them as viable options to replace sugar.

The ABS is the result of years of elaborate research on natural sweeteners to provide a lasting solution to sugar. What’s more, the company experimented the formula in the preparation of many a sweet dish. The outcome of the experiments can be seen in the form of 60-odd sweet dishes made of anything but sugar. The outcome is that the traditional sweets become all the more sweeter and tastier.

Ved Pohoja, a familiar face in ad circles and the moving spirit behind the ABS declared with a sense of satisfaction that his mission is accomplished. He is happy that he has taken the war on sugar to its logical conclusion.

“Our fixation for sugar has no logic,” asserts Mr Pohoja, the face of the ABS and co-founder of the company along with two other partners.

Through ABS, Pohoja, along with his partners, seeks to create awareness about ill-effects of sugar and the wisdom in adoption of alternatives. “After all,” he argues, “when we want to have sweets, we don’t mean sugar. This means sugar is not our primary requirement. How then can we say we can’t do without sugar? Of course, we can do without sugar.”

Here, it goes without saying that processed or refined sugar has become a ubiquitous ingredient of all our eatable and drinkable sweets. Be it tea, coffee, beverages or sweet dishes, we are so used to sugar for sweetening our taste buds, but no longer so. With ABS you have better and healthier options as substitute to the sinful sugar.

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