Boredom at times leads to creativity… It might sound weird, but it’s indeed the most critical aspect of today’s hyperactive but sensitive lifestyle. It is no different to children.

Life today has become so absorbing that taking time off one’s busy schedule for some creative activity is a big challenge. So much so that every child finds him/herself bound by a never-ending cycle of responsibilities… of tests, assessments, and competitions…

As important as they sound everything should be processed for the ultimate goal to be achieved. In this context, Kidzpreneur, a social initiative this author is associated with, spoke to Saumya Kulshrestha, founder of Poets’ Collective, under its KidzLive talkshow.

Recounting her eventful journey as a student and a creative person, Saumya shared with us her deeply held views on the education system. She underscored the need for educational reforms in the country to nurture the child for a better future.

Dwelling on her school life, Soumya expresses concern over the prejudices of our value system. “While the ones who take up science are considered, and those who go for humanities are passed off as less intelligent,” she said with a wry smile.

We all have come across such notions at least once in our lifetime and very few muster enough courage to break the societal myths and yet excel in the field of their choice. The interest lies in the heart of the soul and everyone has the right to choose what’s best for him/her.

One very important lesson Soumya said she learnt from her journey was that “Success might not always give you happiness.”

“Happiness” she elaborated “is unexplainable and should be eternal in nature. One might succeed in something, but not necessarily be happy about it.”

This is a very critical point which needs to be emphasised. There are five things that should be embedded in our education system. They are:

1. Creativity,
2. Communication skills,
3. Collaboration,
4. Critical thinking, and
5. Consciousness

These five elements have a very important linkage with the childhood of one’s life. While developing a space for him/ herself a child can shift focus from a hyper-stimulated zone to his or her thinking zone. This is why it’s extremely important in the life of a child to embark upon passion, creativity, and art.

So, dream and let dream.

(The author is a seasoned IT professional with in-depth knowledge and expertise in the field. He is currently working on a concept of transforming education with focused skilling and futuristic advancements through his venture, Thought Leadership via Kidzpreneur.)

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Shishir is a serial entrepreneur, technology proponent who believes technology will touch our lives in future, in never thought before ways. He has executed some of challenging technology solutions for government and enterprise alike. He brings a vision to transform the education sector in ways not thought before and Kidzpreneur is just a start for him. He runs a successful and coveted technology company and a government recognized accelerator where young ideas are provided a jump board to pace their growth phase. Like Kidzpreneur, even the accelerator works on the practical and transformative principles and in just first year has seen 7 Kids Enterprise, multiple acquihires and investment raise. With the aim to infuse conscious thinking in children who grow up to be responsible thought leaders and have an attitude to solve problems, Shishir strives to make Kidzpreneur reach the zenith of success.


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